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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bait and Switch?

I gotta go ahead, get out the cheese, and have some with this whine...

There is going to be another wedding in our family -- my dear nephew Robbie, son of sister Rosie, is going to marry his sweet fiancee Tina the end of March. We're looking forward to having another family reunion and fun time in Jackson MS. Being AOG (aunt of the groom) is gonna be a good time!

If we get there.

I fly a lot. I am very familiar with the likes of Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Cheaptickets, American Airlines, United, Delta....I can navigate them and get fairly good prices for tickets.

I used to be able to.

I have worked harder and longer on tickets for this trip than any other tickets I've ever purchased, including the ones we needed to fly to Europe a couple of years ago to visit Tim in Sevilla, Spain and then visit Lyn and Tim in Berlin.

What could be so hard about getting tickets from Indy to Jackson or Chicago to Jackson? They were expensive! And times were dreadful! My dear SIL suggested going to the AARP website -- which I did. Wow! Great prices! I could get the kids from Indy to Jackson for $245 each -- get them in relatively early on Friday and home to Indy early enough for Tim to get back to school Sunday night. I hopped on it. Got to the "buy it" page, and it said -- oh oh, the price has changed. Please check below. The price was now $747 each.

Huh? 747 is a Boeing, not a price for a ticket from Indy to Jackson!!

Mistake. Had to be.

Tried again -- same thing.

OK -- we'll try Chicago to Jackson.

Price on the front page: $234 each. Price on the buy page: $639.

Bait and Switch.

Yup. We're gonna love the wedding -- if we ever get there.

By the way -- did the same thing. One price on the 'come on' page -- by the time I got to the purchase page about 2 minutes later, not only had the price nearly doubled, but the flights I had chosen were nowhere to be found.

I've not found who will accept my complaints yet.

Except you.

How's the cheese?


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