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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul

We've just returned from Indy -- from our first visit to the MC. As much as you can know that a marriage is right, it is such a wonderful treat to experience that marriage first hand and actually SEE what is transpiring.

I'm not a naive-blinders-on-mother (in-law). I know that all marriages have their ups and downs, especially in that first year when the couple are simply getting adjusted to living together -- day in, day out. Lord knows we did -- though I have to admit, I think we had less problems than many couples....mostly because Bob is incredibly adaptable, and tolerant of my Type A personality.


We arrived on Friday night after suffering horrendous Chicago traffic on I294/80/94 topped off by snowy rain, and then rainy snow. It was clear in Indy though, and we were given the grand tour of their townhouse -- which is just lovely. Torrey has a sense of decorating that I don't have. (In fact, Steve, our painter has, on more than one occasion wished that Torrey was home to direct the painting of our living room as my sense of color (purple) clashes with his (earthy). Steve would be in complete agreement with the two (earthy) colors they have in the living/dining room). Torrey said more than once that it is incredibly helpful that both she and Chris have the same sense of style and decorating. Bob and I do too -- it is just that it is different than Generation X. Which, I suppose, is as it should be since we are leading the Baby Boomer Generation.


They took us out to a really fun restaurant with amazing food -- Bob's specification was that it was a restaurant that we didn't have in Chicago. Great food -- great fellowship. What more can you ask for?

Saturday we went to a bookstore -- Half Price Books, it was called. Bad mistake. Bad store. No -- wonderful store if you have self control and/or unlimited finances. Even 1/2 price, the books add up. Torrey got a copy of Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst which is one of our favorites that she'll be able to use with her kids as a therapist in an elementary school.

Then the mall. Hit a couple of stores, then went to see Hoodwinked -- a really funny and fractured fairy tale. I'm convinced that one of the characters is actually a friend of ours (but he didn't get the credits, nor did he get paid for it....).

Chris cooked dinner on Saturday night. Torrey made dessert. Absolutely wonderful. They can come home and cook for us anytime -- especially since my cooking is basically applying microwave to food.

Church on Sunday morning (I could sing 1 of the 4 songs....remember, we do hymns at College Church), and then Chris made homemade hummus for sandwiches -- we haven't eaten this healthy in YEARS. Again, delicious.

OK, so why "chicken soup"? Watching Torrey and Chris together was wonderful. He is incredibly tender and loving with her. Case in point. This morning he asked if I had made coffee yet (we were up before them -- not much of a surprise there!). Yes, I had, but Chris, you won't like it. (Chris' coffee will put hair on your chest and other places you'd prefer not to have it. It is STRONG!!!!). That's OK, he said, I wanted to bring some up to Torrey who was not yet out of the bathroom. A bit later I saw him bringing her up some breakfast -- a twist, he said -- instead of breakfast in bed, he was bringing her breakfast in the bathroom.

There was no sniping at each other -- just gentleness and tenderness and sweetness. Their little home is perfused with love. It truly is

Chicken Soup for a Mother's Soul.


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