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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Presents and a New Year!

New Years Day, 2006. Is there anyone that doesn't have a sense of a clean slate -- a new beginning? I'm not talking about resolutions, though I'm sure there is a bit of that in all of us. Ahhh -- THIS year, I'll lose weight. THIS year, I'll exercise more. THIS year, I'll save better. THIS year I'll be a better hostess. THIS year the check registers will be readable.

Well, THIS year (so far) we were much more organized about putting the Christmas decorations away. Everything is done except the tree. The wrapping paper, bows and bags are all organized for the first time ever. Bob has all sorts of ideas for us cleaning today -- he's looking forward to a garage sale we are organizing with Torrey and Chris. "Let's go to Office Depot -- I need...." he said.

Bob -- um -- it's New Year's Day. I honestly don't think Office Depot will be open. He wanted to go to Border's last night about 8:00. Bob, it's New Year's Eve -- I don't think they'll be open this late. New Year's isn't a holiday for my husband. It's a day to ORGANIZE! He was up at 5:15 this morning, working on his desk drawers before we left for church (hence the burning need to get to the office supply store.) He's so excited he doesn't have to go to work tomorrow!

I was thinking about Christmas presents. Every year I try to have at least one that I can't wait for SOMEONE to open. I don't always succeed -- some years are better than others. This year I think my favorite was the calendar I gave Torrey and Chris for a shower gift. It was a hang-in-the-kitchen and write-everything on it. I put in all the birthdays and anniversaries of our family and Chris' family. I added little ideas -- "have a picnic in the park". "Grill out." "Go to Starbucks" "Go roller-blading on the Monan Trail." "Have coffee with Pickett." "Dinner out." And then I put in occasional little puzzles or jokes. It was a labor of love -- and definitely my best gift this year. Well -- if you don't count the Martin Luther bobble-head doll I got for Timothy -- the Reformed of the Reformers.

What was the best gift I received this year? Definitely having the entire family home for Christmas -- it may be the last year that will happen for the foreseeable future. Next year Jill, Derrick & Deven will be in Naples, Fl; Torrey & Chris will most likely be with his sisters in Indiana, and Timothy -- well, we don't know where Timothy will be. At this point he is hoping to be somewhere in the Middle East with a mission agency.

So -- thank you Jesus for your birthday and all that means to us. Thank you for my most wonderful family. Thank you for the New Year and all the promise that it holds.....

And Office Depot should be open tomorrow.....


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