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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cats and Computers

Our New Year's Day gift was presented to us by Munchkin-the-cat who is close to losing the third of his nine lives. Never accept a "free" cat. They cost more than any other kind.

It's been raining here, and the snow is completely gone. Munch went outside as is his wont, nibbled on some grass, came back in, and promptly urped all over the keyboard of Bob's laptop.

He cleaned it off, but the first inkling we had that something was wrong was when he couldn't get into his e-mail -- the password didn't work. Hmmm....worked on my computer. We changed it, but the new one didn't work either. "Password invalid." Well, that is really dumb. Then we noticed that the little star didn't come up when we pressed S. Oh oh -- just where Munch did his thing.

The s didn't work. Neither did the d or the e or the a. Pretty vital when doing word processing.

The upshot of the whole thing was that we ended up with a new laptop (his was four years old -- ancient in computer years) for only $450 more than it would have cost to replace the keyboard.

Christopher, our Mac-man said the problem is that we have PC's -- if we only had a Mac, it would have been impervious to cat vomit.

Yeah, right.

Speaking of which, Munch is actually TORREY'S cat. I'm ready to ship him to Indy so that we can test out Chris' theory of Mac's and cats.

Happy anniversary, by the way, to the newlyweds -- it's been a whole month now!!


At 9:48 AM, Blogger Torrey said...

Munch may vomit on computers which is a definite no-no but at least he doesn't rip through the bag of french bread you just purchased for entertaining your guests and eat large portions of it. Our computers are safe. Our food is NOT!

At 3:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey torrey, i love your moms blog, and wonder if you have one of your own cith your adventures of being newly marrried??


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