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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Showers of Blessing....

A bit over a week ago, two of my dear friends, Debbie & Judy, along with daughter Jill gave Torrey a lovely bridal shower. I don't know who was more excited over this -- the bride or the MOB. It was a Saturday morning brunch at Debbie's beautiful Victorian home around the corner from us. The food was delicious, the presents were plentiful, pretty and practical -- but the best part was the guests.

Most of them were friends from church that have watched Torrey grow from a four year old preschooler to the poised, articulate, and beautiful young woman that she is now. Virtually all of them have prayed for Torrey at one time or another.

Two of my nursing school/Wheaton College classmates were there -- I've known them longer than I've known my husband! In fact, the three of us had babies within two months of each other that auspicious year in 1978 when Torrey was born.

I think the thing that struck both of us was the number of years of solid, God-blessed marriage represented in that room. Twenty women -- not a single divorce. One of our friends was married at College Church just last year -- another recently celebrated her 45th anniversary.

The one thing I wish we had done, (but didn't think of it) was for each of us to bring one of our wedding pictures. Given that most of us have been married somewhere around 35 years, that would have been so much fun! We did that last January in our life group -- what a hoot!!

I'm so grateful God brought us back to Wheaton 23 years ago -- that He put us in this community, and most especially into this church with this amazing group of friends that have been so faithful through the years.

I pray the same for Jill & Derrick, Torrey and Chris -- and someday, for Tim.


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