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Sunday, October 30, 2005

33 days....

I'm not sure if saying "less than 5 weeks" or "33 days" is more scary....especially when I think of all there is to do.

The responses keep trickling in....if they came all of a bunch, it would be easier to do the place-cards for the reception. Who do I seat with who? Whom??? Whatever.

As soon as the EC can choose a couple of fonts, I can work on the program.

I need elastic for the pew bows.

Will we need to make more streamers?

Who has Carol's pots to put the streamers in so they don't drag on the floor?

What about a nursery for the service?

How many high chairs for the reception?

I have my MOB dress. What about jewelry? I need some and so does the bride.

33 days and counting. I'm so excited. So is Torrey. We can't wait.



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