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Monday, October 24, 2005

Six Weeks and Counting....

This was a WONDERFUL weekend. The EC were here, and despite the fact they consumed nearly all of my Reese's mini peanut butter cups, peanut M&M's and black licorice, we had a fabulous time. Probably better for me that they did help themselves to the aforementioned sweet things....

We met with Jenn, our church wedding coordinator. What a gift SHE is! Organized to the nth degree, we left our meeting Saturday morning with the feeling that everything on the church end of things was totally in her capable hands, and all we have to do is show up, dressed and in our right minds. Well, show up, anyway. Wow.

We love Jenn.

The first fitting for Torrey's wedding dress came next. The gown is exquisite. All is needs is a bit of hemming and the bustle fixed. Torrey is breathtaking in it..... I wish I could see Chris' face when he sees Torrey walk down the aisle, but since we are taking pictures before the ceremony, that will be their special, own, private time in the sanctuary before the pictures. Jenn has promised to be a mother-bear and not let ANYONE peer through the doors. Not even me. Sigh. (And no, Chris, I am NOT going to describe it on these pages. Too bad!)

Chris has tossed out all sorts of casual questions trying to get us to say SOMETHING about the dress -- all to no avail.....well, almost no avail. I said something inadvertently the other night in reponse to a comment of Torrey's, and -- ouch!

We met with Terri who is catering the rehearsal dinner at the church on Friday night. She's another blessing in our lives as well. Did a bit of shopping, checked another MOB dress for me, (Torrey nixed it) and talked to the organist. After church, we ran into Judy, one of my dear friends who is, along with Debbie (mother of the aforementioned Matt), and Jill giving Torrey a shower. Decided that at the brunch there would be no mushrooms (or tripe -- my contribution -- not that tripe is a biggie around here), but there would be fruit.

We've made lists upon lists and planned the order of worship for the ceremony. After the wedding, I'll share the two readings and the scripture they have planned. They are perfect. We counted bows for the pews, streamers and garland, and planned who needed to do what on the day of the wedding. How nice that Timothy can drive this time!!

We watched Monster-in-Law.

Too bad I fell asleep for most of it. Or maybe that's a good thing.

Jill, Derrick and Deven are calling with weather reports from Naples (they have 8 diapers left and no place open to get more. But otherwise, all is well there). Timothy spent his fall break with friends in Scottsdale.

The response cards continue to trickle in....we are up to a 35% return.

Torrey e-mailed this morning...."Did I mention I can't WAIT to be married?"

What a wonderful message to get on a Monday morning!

And we are now at 39 days.


At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Jenn said...

Wow! Thanks for the vote of confidence. This is my first blog appearance and it's fun. I too had a great time on Saturday and look forward to a beautiful wedding. The love is mutual:) Jenn

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