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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

16 days.....

Christopher IM'd me today reminding me that it is only 16 days (like I'm not practically counting the hours I have to get everything done), and wondered what I would do with the blog since I have just over two weeks left.

Told him that as far as I was concerned, I was "the MOB" for at least a year after the wedding....since I think technically the bride and groom are considered such until next December...

So there will be more postings.

What I wanted to know was what on earth we'd e-mail about after all the wedding preparations were over and I could stop nagging about calling the folks that have not yet responded (you DON'T want to know how many there are!!), or having the bride and groom help with the seating for the reception -- how do I know who sits with whom? I'm still of the mind that alphabetical order is the best way to do things....

Chris thought we'd probably have some things to talk about.

Like books, maybe??

Postmodern Christianity?

Following Jesus in a world falling apart?

The job market for a school social worker in the Chicagoland area???? !!!! (Might need to pull out the duct tape -- purple, of course -- for that one).

I'm sure we'll find a few things to talk about. I've already scheduled my first visit. It isn't until the end of February. I'm wondering if I can wait that long....

I'm sure THEY can!

16 days? Yikes!!


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