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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Only One Month....

Wow. Last April 1, it seemed as though December 3 was a long time away...and here we are, less than 30 days to go. We can measure the remaining time in events, as in this is the last weekend we don't have anything scheduled until the big day. Next weekend is Torrey's shower, given by my very dear friends Debbie and Judy and daughter Jill. The weekend after that is Adam & Missy's wedding in Asheville -- then Thanksgiving -- and -- then -- it's here!

I'm doing my best work in the middle of the night. Insomnia is good for everything but getting sleep. When we get up in the morning, Bob wants to know what I accomplished at 3:00 a.m. Sometimes it isn't anything more productive than worrying -- if worrying can ever be productive. In the wee sma's today it was -- did we schedule enough time for the rehearsal so that we'll have enough time for a relaxed rehearsal dinner before we have to be out of the church? I'm glad Jenn will be there for both events to keep us on track!!

So I worry, and Torrey has typical pre-wedding jitters. I wonder if Bach's Rescue Remedy would help either of us. Hmmm.....

The printed program is nearly done. Well, it is MOSTLY done. There are name tags to do for the rehearsal dinner so everyone knows who everyone else is. And of course, the place cards for the reception -- which can't be done until we know who all is coming. That means, of course, figuring out a seating arrangement. I'm tempted to just put everyone at tables in alphabetical order. Wouldn't that be a kick? We could really mix it up and seat everyone in alphabetical order according to FIRST name!

Or, we could do what Southwest Airlines does -- the first 8 to arrive at the reception are at Table 1, the second 8 at Table 2 and so on. The stragglers would be in the hinterlands.

It would certainly be easier.

But I'm not sure it would make people very happy.

I guess I won't do it that way.

Too bad -- cuz it would be a no sweat solution to a big job!!

Hey EC, whaddya think??? ;>D


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