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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Another Engagement is Announced!!

We have returned from my brother's wedding in the Detroit area. It was incredibly lovely. There were 15 of us there including my brother's baby granddaughter. The wedding took place in the bride's home. Her father walked her from the bedroom to the great room; my sister Lyn was matron-of-honor; Rick's son, Rick Jr. was his best man. It was truly a family wedding -- Bob prayed, Rosie and I read I Corinthians 13, Lyn sang "Prayer for the Home" a most perfect song for them, and Tim, Lyn's husband performed the ceremony. The sweetest moment came when the bride's 89 year old mother stood up right after the initial vows, pulled her 87 year old husband to his feet, walked over to Susan, and blessed her, and told her they were so glad she was happy and that they would be praying for her. It was unexpected -- and beautiful.

The rest of the evening and the next morning was spent just enjoying each other...I know I have the best siblings ever -- what an incredible gift from God.

The exciting news was that the night before Rick's wedding, Rosie's son Rob Jr called -- and he had just proposed to his girlfriend Tina! So we are now looking forward to another wedding in the spring. Robbie is Torrey's "best" cousin -- they are four months apart in age, and have been close ever since they were little kids. Tina works for a restaurant chain as a trainer, and happened to be in Indianapolis opening a new site. Torrey and Chris went there and met her -- even before Rosie and Rob had a chance to meet her. Torrey's assessment: "Robbie, you better not let this one get away!!"

Lyn and Tim are having a windfall of a furlough from Berlin -- not one, but THREE family weddings while they are home!

This weekend my Tim comes home from Taylor to renew his driver's license -- the official "I'm 21" license -- and get fitted for his tux. I'm hoping we'll have time to just hang out and talk. I love talking to Tim. He's so cool. (Hey -- I'm his mom, I get to say stuff like that!)

The following weekend we are going to Taylor for homecoming -- Torrey's 5th year class reunion. I'm so looking forward to seeing the EC again -- I've not seen the Son2B in nearly two months, and I've missed him!! I'm not crazy about my children living far away from me. Yes, 200 miles IS far. What's worse is that Jill & Derrick plan to take my grandbaby and move to Naples, FL next April! There should be some sort of state law against that type of grandparent abandonment.

The old way of living in community -- families together in the same town is such a wonderful idea.

I don't want my children living WITH me.

But right next door would be just fine.


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