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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Another Wedding!

Between now and THE Wedding -- there are a couple of others that are coming up. My brother Rick took Susan as his bride last Saturday, September 16 in Las Vegas. We are all thrilled to welcome Susan as our new sister.... This weekend we are assembling in Detroit where my brother-in-law Tim will confer a blessing on the marriage at Susan's parents' home. Rosie will be coming from Brookhaven MS, Bob and I are driving up from Chicago, and Lyn and Tim are driving in from Montrose PA. It will be so much fun to all be together for the first time since Helen Clare's wedding (Rosie's eldest) last October.

The next wedding will take place on October 1. The son of our first new friends when we moved to Wheaton over 23 years ago is getting married to his long-time girlfriend in his grandmother's apple orchard. Ed and Debbie are responsible for our long time membership at College Church as they invited us to attend their Sunday School class -- the (at that time) young couple's class -- and the rest is history. Debbie is also the one that held the flashlight when Tim was born on that dark and stormy night over 21 years ago. So this too is a very special wedding.

The third wedding will take place in Asheville NC at the Biltmore Estate. Adam, the son of my co-worker and dear friend Linda will be marrying his long time girlfriend on November 19. Torrey & Chris and Adam & Missy were both engaged on the same day -- April 1. This is going to be one fun wedding. Truly, this is the first time I've ever received an engraved written invitation to the rehearsal dinner! Anyway, Torrey, Chris and Tim will be flying down from Indianapolis and join us there. Linda and I have been having a wonderful time discussing our upcoming weddings -- her role as the MOG, and mine as the MOB. Carole, our third partner has been a great help as her daughter Maren was married last year in the Outer Banks at a delightful week-long celebration.

Last, but certainly not least, will be Our Wedding....

72 days to go....

Not that I'm counting.


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