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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Back from ILCA

I do NOT believe it. I just lost an entire post! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH! I hit the wrong button and it went off into cyberspace. I wonder if a cookie will help.


I just got home from the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) annual conference which was here in Chicago at the Hilton on Michigan Ave. It was wonderful, but I missed the EC who were home for the weekend. Truly a bummer. This was a very special conference as it is the 20th anniversary of ILCA. I am one of the past presidents and as such, received a red hat at the anniversary celebration on Friday night. Too bad I didn't take a purple outfit with me. Oh well.

Came home to three of the four MOB books I ordered from Amazon. I'll let you know what I think when I read them. The first is "Notes from the Mother of the Bride" by Sherri Goodall. That one says it has planning tips and advice from a wedding-day veteran. Aren't we all wedding day veterans by virtue of having had a wedding day? Bob and I got married at my parent's house which may have been stressful for my mother -- the outdoor wedding we planned was completely rained out -- but she kept her cool, moved us into the living room and found three candles so we could do the unity candle bit (a really new innovation back in 1970). In the pictures, she looks calm, cool and very happy, though her blue dress was a bit short. What WERE we thinking back then?

The second book is "Mother of the Bride: The Dream, the Reality, the Search for a Perfect Dress" by Ilene Beckerman. Ah yes, the perfect dress. I think they are talking about mine, not the wedding dress. When Jill got married, finding my dress actually took longer than finding her wedding dress (first one she tried on), the bridesmaid's dresses, the reception hall and the flowers all put together. I was going to start now, but (a) it is the middle of July, and trying on a winter outfit is simply NOT appealing and (b) I'm thinking thin. Well, thinner. Probably shouldn't have had that cookie.

The third one is "It's Her Wedding but I'll Cry if I Want To" by Leslie Milk -- a title reminiscent of a 60's song by another Leslie. Why DO we cry at weddings? Especially when we are absolutely delighted with the intended spouse? It's a happy time -- a celebration! But then, I teared up at the Parade of Flags at the ILCA conference, so I suppose it is inevitable. Actually, it was reading about this last book in the Chicago Tribune last Sunday that started me on my blogging journey. That and reading my friend Rebecca's most wonderful blog -- Random Musings -- which is EXCELLENT!

At least I was able to talk to the EC while they were here. I was sitting in the sun in the lobby of the hotel having a cappucino while skipping a session -- and called them on Saturday morning. They were wandering through an art show at Adams Park with Bob after having been to the French Market where they got some bread to grill with olive oil and some flowers for me. Well, they went back to get the flowers after a not so subtle reminder that I NEED my weekly allotment of mini-carnations. AT $3/bunch, it's a cheap and cheerful date that lasts about 10 days.

My list-of-things-to-do hasn't grown any shorter. I'm home for nearly three weeks before I have to head off to speak again, and I'm really hoping to get a lot done in that time. Like adding all the addresses to the master list. Chris sent me his -- but they disappeared into cyberspace and I've not been able to find them. Torrey is still working on hers.... And then there is the scanning of the pictures into the computer so I can put a slide show together. You know -- the one that is de rigeur (how's that for bad spelling?) at every wedding. No, the EC is not going to see it before the reception....they are just gonna have to trust me on this one. :>D

Every once in a while Torrey mentions the "E"(lope) word. I consider it for just a minute -- and then think, nah, despite the work involved, I want everyone to be able to CELEBRATE this occasion all together! And besides -- I've had practice. Poor Jill -- as the first, I've had to practice everything on her. She's been very patient with me. I've had to cut my brand new mother teeth on her -- not to mention all the other firsts: dates, going off to college, engagement, MOB, wedding, MIL, and now, new Grammy. Having a second child is so much easier than the first. I have asked Jill's forgiveness for all the mistakes I made -- just as my mother made with me, and she will make with Deven -- though she's a pretty amazing first time mother!!).

So maybe we'll get through this pre-wedding season with a minimum of fuss and bother and hurt feelings. Maybe we'll sail through it all -- on time and on budget. And maybe everyone who is actually going to attend will respond in a timely manner, and those who aren't going to come will do likewise. And maybe it will be a mild December evening so we don't have to wear Wellingtons and North Face Jackets with our wedding finery. And maybe there won't be any meltdowns of any sort. And maybe I WILL be thinner.



At 6:21 PM, Blogger Torrey said...

You are funny, adorable, and I love you! And I think my sister is pretty wonderful too for plowing the way for me. I am eternally indebted to her for surviving being the oldest and paving the way for us youngsters. Thank you Jill!!

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

I'm carefully following all this MOB drama unfolding since I have only one chance to get it right when it's my turn. It's cheating that you got to practice on Torrey!

I, of course, will some day be able to write the definitive work on being a MOG, since I anticipate doing that five times.


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