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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Registering online???

The cell phone's distinctive ring last night heralded a call from Torrey ("The 1812 Overture", what else???) Actually, it was The Son2B telling me they were going to surprise me and come home this weekend. It would have been a suprise all right since I'm going to be at the International Lactation Consultant Association conference Friday thru Monday. While I'm looking forward to the conference -- don't have to speak, can just meet & greet & enjoy, I'm bummed that I can't spend time with Torrey & Chris working on wedding stuff. There is so much more that needs to be done, and since I have a bit of time this summer, I want to get as much done as possible. It's hard to do this long distance!! Just can't up on a Wednesday night and run down to the print shop to check on invitations....or go cake tasting...or buzz over and chat with the organist....

I'm a list sort of person, and The List seems to grow longer, even as I cross things out. In fact, one of my goals today is to get it updated and see where we are.

Last night the EC (Engaged Couple) was registering on-line for towels & sheets at Bed, Bath & Beyond. "How can you do that?" I asked. "I have to TOUCH the towels to make sure they are just right." "Oh, no problem," replied my DD, "I'm just getting the same ones you have. I looked at the name of them, and am just ordering the same ones in different colors. Now, do I need a hand towel for each set, or will one hand towel for two sets do? And one washcloth or two?"

Two washcloths -- always two. I learned that from my mother. Despite the fact that men don't use washcloths....I don't think I want to know why.

After they get married they are going to move into the townhouse that Torrey currently shares with her two housemates. It's three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, which is a far cry from the one bedroom apartment Bob and I moved into when we first got married! (Oh yes, the housemates are moving out....) And I think their furniture will be a bit better than ours was as well. Bob and I had both been out of college for a year, but he was in grad school, and we didn't have much in the way of money as I was paying off loans. Wheaton College wasn't cheap even back then!

But it is with much nostalgia that I remember the old bedroom set that was a spare from my parents. That was the bed that used to crash to the floor anytime we got a little, um, rambunctious.... We had an old couch that my parents had purchased in 1954 that was a hide-a-bed, and was so incredibly heavy that we called it the Grey Elephant. We finally got rid of it in 1997.... The china "hutch" was three wooden orange crates covered with burlap (appropriately labeled, "Love" "Joy" "Peace" -- this was 1970, and we were of the flower generation after all). The old trunk I took with me to nursing school was the coffee table; we had one easy chair and dinette set that we purchased -- and a huge styrofoam dinosaur (T-Rex) that we covered with Christmas lights.

Anyway, I'm quite certain T&C will start off in a much better place -- but will they remember it with as much fondness???

Back to registering on-line. It is certainly convenient and quick, but there is something a bit sterile about it. Wandering around the store last weekend was so much fun -- I saw things I'd never think to look at if I were going through it on-line. So many cute little gizmos and gadgets! Torrey assures me that we'll have more time to go to the store again and finish up.

Gotta feel those towels.


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