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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Five Months Until THE Day

It occurred to me today that not much is written for -- or about -- the Mother of the Bride. I checked out and there were a few books there -- so I've ordered -- um -- 4. It's not as though this is my first time around this being a MOB years ago, my oldest daughter got married in a lovely ceremony, and we all survived. But this time I'm feeling a bit more panicky -- perhaps because my darling daughter is in Indianapolis and I'm in the Chicagoland area and we are trying to do this long distance.

And it also occurred to me that when all is said and done, the wedding is all about the bride, the groom, and the FATHER of the bride! Haven't seen too many movies about the Mother of the Bride starring -- oh -- someone like Meredith Baxter Birney, have we? Instead we have Monster in Law -- and if we did have a movie about a MOB, it would probably star someone along the lines of Roseann. In fact, did you notice that in the latest version of Father of the Bride, the mother wore beige and kept her mouth shut? We laugh about that being reserved for the Mother of the Groom, but in point of fact, on the wedding day, that's exactly the role reserved for the MOB.

But I digress. Actually, I had a wonderful time at Jill's wedding, and did not wear beige. (If I wore either beige or black, I'd have to keep talking so no one would think I had died during the reception and we'd end up with one wedding and a funeral).

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to the next five months. A few things on the list are done. We have the church, the reception hall, the two ministers (my two super brothers-in-law), the wedding dress -- and most importantly, the bride, Torrey Beth, and the groom, Christopher -- whom, I might add, I already love as a son.

More anon -- back to the budget!



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