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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Home again

Just got back from a whirlwind trip to Washington DC where I spoke at the International La Leche League conference this morning. 1600 adult attendees, 1300 children. Truly a family centered conference. What was wonderful was seeing all those moms with all those babies in arms -- in slings -- in Maya wraps. I don't think I saw a single plastic "bucket" while I was there. Truly, there is a place for the buckets. When my kids were babies, they were called "car seats" and they stayed in the car. Moms actually had to CARRY their babies in arms -- what a concept! A special high spot was meeting up with a dear friend from California that I tend to see periodically if we are fortunate enough to be at the same conferences....she's SUCH a support to me!

In my talk, I covered how putting newborn babies on a predetermined schedule is not only detrimental to breastfeeding, but also detrimental to the very important skills of baby watching, baby listening, and baby understanding. Learning those skills when your children are babies -- and then toddlers -- and then school children....really helps when it comes to parenting adult children (which, in my not so humble opinion, is quite a bit more difficult and delicate than parenting babies). I probably got more sleep when they were babies than I have since they have become adults. And I definitely pray for them a WHOLE lot more as they have become adults!!

Which brings me to this M-O-B-Take-2 that I'm on. Listening. (My friend Carole is fond of reminding us that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason). Being there. Paying attention. Letting go (oh my, is that ever hard!). Note to self: this is not MY wedding. Instead of BABY watching and listening -- it is Daughter watching and listening....and listening to what is unspoken, just as much as spoken. What is HER dream? What is HER vision? What is SHE looking for? For that matter, it is just as important that we listen to Chris and find out what HIS vision and dream for this wedding is. But more important than the wedding is that what we are doing is celebrating a MARRIAGE -- a lifetime commitment. And THAT is exciting!!


At 11:59 PM, Blogger chris said...

you never cease to amaze me. i hope your trip went well, which it sounds like it did. i can't imagine going through the journey of parenting where learning how to step away from your children as the grow, what a scarey and trust testing time, i look at you and bob and am so thankful you are there as role thank you.

you have been such a wonderful help with our wedding, and a blast to hang out with...i love you so much


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