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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Home Again....

....but there is more to come. It's much easier blogging on my computer as "fast internet access" is a relative term in Morocco, and we didn't have a computer at all in Marrakech.

Anyway, last night we finally got home and got to bed after being up for 24 hours. We left Fes at 6:00 am; arrived in Casablanca at 6:45 on Royal Air Moroc. From there to Heathrow on British Air, and after a race through the airport, collapsed in our upgraded Business Class seats for our over 7 hour flight back to O'Hare.

We are short only one bag -- but American assures us they have found it and it will arrive at O'Hare about 1:00 this afternoon. What was amazing was this that greeted us at home.

Someone -- we have no idea who -- raked our yard this weekend and had all the bags lined up in front of the garage. Bob moved them so he could get the car out...

What amazing person(s) did this for us? What a wonderful gift to come home to!!

So far I've downloaded my pictures, read 275+ e-mails (and that's after keeping up with them all in Morocco), picked up voice mail messages, gone through the mail, counted brochure returns from our first class mailing for LEC (344), and am now ready for a nap.

Jet lag definitely when flying west over the pond. No problem flying east.

Yawn! More on the trip later.


At 1:33 PM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

WOW!! What a whirlwind trip home. Rosie and I have had similar 24 hour excursions, but we DID NOT get to upgrade to Business Class. I mean, of all the nerve! Where or where is your Renich/Torry missionary spirit? :o) Oh, the waste, the waste!! ;o)

As for our leaves...well, they are still mostly on the lawn. I've found a great way of raking them though, it's call a lawnmower.

Can't wait to hear more and to see some of your pictures. I do hope that you can upload them so that we can view them.

Sleep well.

You know who.


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