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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last Bits from Morocco

Time to wrap it up -- see if there are any more pictures we want to share or that you would enjoy from this most exotic of trips. If, of course, you can apply "exotic" to squatty potties and hand held showers. Though it is compared to what Tim is going to in 10 days.

Ouch! Is that all he has left? Deep breath.

This is one of the gates into the King's palace in Fes. Moroccans are not allowed in this plaza, though "foreigners" can be there as long as they don't take any pictures of people -- just things. The King has several palaces in different cities though he generally resides in Rabat. Evidently he had just been to Fes and we missed him by a couple of days.

One last picture of the old wall around the newer old city. There is the medina -- the old city dating back to 900 AD, and then Fes J'Did which is a newer walled city. I don't know exactly when it was built, but it is obviously a lot more modern with wider streets and bigger souks than the old city.

And a final picture of us at our Moroccan dinner after we had our three hour course in Darijia. The true picture would have been to see us digging in with our hands and just tearing the meat off that delicious chicken.

l-magrib zwin, l-hamdu lillah!

Beslama for now


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