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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

24 hours from now....

We will be at O'Hare.

I'm SO excited, I feel like a 6 year old counting down the days before Christmas.

Tim is going to meet us at the airport and then take us to his favorite restaurant. Italian. So -- our first meal in Morocco will be spaghetti & meatballs? He's planned a tour of Fes on Saturday morning with a tour guide. He promises to keep us so busy we won't have time for jet lag.

We have our hotel booked in Marrakesh. It's near the medina -- looks wonderfully authentic, and not terribly expensive. Tim says that for an extra bit of money the snake charmers will let me hold one of the cobras -- or whatever they are charming.

I don't think so. Ride a camel? Sure -- if I have the opportunity. But hold a snake? Not on your LIFE!!


At 10:52 PM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

يناير - كانون الثّاني, يعرف أنا أنّ أنت ستتلقّى وقت رائعة وأنّ أنت ستستمتع يرى تيم. أنت ستتلقّى هكذا كثير ذاكرات أن يشارك مع نا عندما يصل أنت إلى البيت. أنا أريد أن يرى صورة من أنت يركب جمل!

We are so excited for you and Bobby and can't wait to hear from you upon your return. Be sure to take lots of digital pictures that you can share with us and please give our love to Tim.


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