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Saturday, November 10, 2007

West Virginia

I LOVE coming home.

Traveling is fun -- not glamorous, but fun. I can tell you a whole lot about airports. Not much about cities.

We've finally started keeping an LEC log (NOT, I note, BLOG) of all the places we go and the cities we visit so we can keep them straight.

But I digress.

I don't think we'll ever forget our course in Charleston, WV.

First of all, the venue was the "Blessed John XXIII Pastoral Retreat Center." Believe it or not, Linda and I spoke there in 1993. This time we spoke in the dining room. Last time it was in the chapel. There really weren't any extra tables to put our "props", and Linda was SO nervous about putting the nipple shields on the altar. However, as Torrey rightly pointed out -- what better place to put something that is going to help women breastfeed???!!

I've also spoken in the Snoopy Playhouse in Mall of America. Breastfeeding goes everywhere!

It was a great group of 75 women who, quite fortunately, appreciated our humor. Good thing. Here they are....

Someone on staff had a sense of humor too....

Here you meet up with John Calvin (my "baby" that Tim picked out for me and named -- after his favorite theologian [grateful it wasn't Deitrich Bonhoffer]), and Linda's "baby" that doesn't have a name. We are definitely going to have to come up with something.

Anyway, Ruth evidently had waaaaay too much time on her hands.

This was what greeted us Wednesday morning.

And this on Thursday.

Not that we APPROVE of the bottles, mind you, but I don't think there was a breast handy.


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