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Sunday, November 12, 2006

He's Finally Over Here

He got in on Friday.

By the way, the International Terminal at O'Hare is really really ugly. Not exactly comfortable seating for waiting families, not to mention -- well, it is just really, really ugly.

I waited impatiently by the big round post near the "B" exit, too excited to even read my book. I'm sure everyone on the 777 emerged before The Timster did.

"I was grilled by customs -- and then by homeland security," he said. I'm glad our federal agents are doing their job, but I didn't think my 6'4", blonde, blue-eyed son fit the profile. "What were you doing Over There? Why did you go? Who were you visiting? How did you know them? What do you do here? Where are you going now? What do your parents do? Your mother is a WHAT?"

At that, they let him go. I guess they figured that the son of a lactation consultant was probably not your local terrorist.

It was SO good to see him!

Have I mentioned that the International Terminal at O'Hare is really really ugly?

He has stories beyond stories. He hasn't decided where he is going to spend the next two years, though each team invited him to come back. After the first week, he had an amazing time. To see what God is doing Over There, particularly in the very poor city he stayed in for two weeks was eyeopening.

I really want him to go where God wants him to go, but I'm hoping God wants him to go where I want him to go.....

I think God is going to have to change my mind about where I want him to go.

He did laundry, and we went to Red Lobster which is our usual "Tim coming back from overseas" place to eat. Astonishing that he's been overseas so often that we actually have a tradition.

It is so good to have him home.

Church was better this morning because he was there....but after the poverty of where he has been, the riches and excesses of the western world are embarassing.

He's back in his apartment, hanging out with a bunch of friends and looking forward to watching a Bears game tonight. Go Bears!

Delivering food from the USA to squatters in the desert who live too far from the city marketplace.

The toilet used by one and all in the compound where Tim stayed in one of the cities.


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