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Monday, October 16, 2006


I'm dying for some pictures. Tim in his native garb, eating from the common pot, slurping the food from his (right) hand. Taking a "bucket bath" (well, maybe just a picture of the bucket....) Sleeping in the courtyard with three families and 12 goats.

I'm having a hard time seeing it all in my mind's eye.

Really, really different than living in suburbia, US of A.

Somehow I think it is reminiscent of Jesus leaving his heavenly home and coming to dwell -- not among the kings -- but among the common folk of the day. Becoming one of them. Ministering to their needs -- not through faith based initiatives -- but by providing food for the hungry, solace for the weary, healing for the sick, and an answer to their spiritual longings.

I think it is helping me understand the gospels just a bit better.


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