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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More on books....

We did it. We actually went through all the books in the house, and now have (Bob estimates) 600 or so to add to the rest of the garage sale. And yes, Bob did count what was left -- just under 2800. But the furnace room in the basement which was the "library" looks amazing! He rearranged the books, filled up nearly every other case there is in the house, and we can now SEE all the books -- even the ones on the bottom shelves.

Bob's car (Madame Blueberry) is now residing in the driveway as her half of the garage is full of boxes of --- books.

He's put an ad in the paper....

Why don't you drop by on the 26th and 27th -- we'll give you a great deal on -- BOOKS!


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