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Sunday, December 11, 2005


My dearly beloved, Bob, thinks the last blog was a bit negative. I tried to explain that I don't write most of them -- they totally and completely write themselves. (Write a blog, and I bet you'll come to the same conclusion. What you started to write is not nearly what you finish with).

So, a caveat: the last blog was not at all meant to be negative. It was meant (a) to be a slice of realism, (b) a bit funny and (c) not at all what I started out writing.

So there you have it.

Enjoy -- or not, as the case may be.


At 4:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you keep this blog going...its fantastic! just wondering, why do couples get the photos taken before the wedding ceremony? shouldnt the photos be the first of them as a married couple...i understand all the practicalities but it doesnt seem very romantic! i notice this is being done more and more now :(

At 11:35 AM, Blogger Rebecca said...

About wedding pictures --- if I had to do it over again:

1. I'd make sure the photographer wasn't tipsy from a previous wedding that day.

2. I'd have the pictures taken beforehand so that we could have spent more time with our guests at our reception.

3. I wouldn't have made such a big deal about my husband seeing me for the first time in my dress when I walked down the aisle. As it was, I found out after the wedding that his mother had given him pictures she took of me in the dress during my last fitting. Yes, she knew I didn't want him to see me in the dress, but she also knew that he wanted the pictures. Who was she going to listen to --- her beloved son, or her somewhat pesky daughter-in-law to be? Plus, she thought I wouldn't find out. Silly of my husband to leave the pictures out on his desk for me to find after the wedding!

I love what my younger brother --- and Torrey and her beloved --- did by having the first glimpse of the bride being just between the two of them. My younger brother knew he would be moved to tears when he first saw his beautiful bride, and he wanted that to be a private moment. The photographer did take what I think is the best picture of the two of them, once they had both pulled themselves together.

I love what Kristi told me later: "When I first saw your brother in his tux, it just took my breath away."


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