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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Wedding Reflections....

It's been just over a week, and y'know, I'm still doing little happy dances!

I've tried to think of what I would change, and -- well, let's see. It would have been nice if the people who decided to NOT come would have let us know before we put the final $$ down on the reception. Of course, there are always the unavoidable last minute complications, and that I understand. Illness -- snow -- sigh. Too bad we have to pay ahead... I wish I hadn't tried to get complicated and switch two tables around -- which the Manor didn't do, so we got confused. Small detail. It was fixed. I really did want to dance to "Unchained Melody" with Bob. My favorite secular/dancing melody. But....

When we got to the reception, I asked Chris if he had given his copy of the "A Look Back in Time" video to Rob, the DJ. For some unknown reason, he had other things on his mind (ya think????) -- and had forgotten. Told him it was a good thing his new MIL was covering his back -- I had mine w/ me -- along with a spare computer and a spare LCD projector, just in case. Y'think after all the hours I spent putting in on pulling that together -- and the time it took for Jenn's husband, Sean, to add the music and make it a video, and not a powerpoint lecture -- that I was NOT going to have a backup? No way!! The show MUST go on, even if the groom is a bit spacey over minor details like this....if I had been thinking right, I would have given it to the best man -- that's why the groom has one!

But that is why my three (only THREE) requested pieces of music weren't played -- the list was with the video which was -- geeze, I don't know WHERE it was.

That's OK. Some night when the living room is cleared of wedding debris and gift detritus, we'll make sure we have the fireplace going, and (maybe) the C'mas tree lights on, and -- hey -- I have several renditions of "Unchained Melody." Chris, you are off the hook.

I wish I had gotten around to every table and visited with everyone. As it was, I was way too excited to eat. I didn't have any hors d'oeuvres -- too busy. Did have three bites of salad and the black olives my friends all put on a plate and gave me. Managed two bites -- maybe three -- of the ham, one of the potatoes -- and I think there was a vegetable. My sister Rosie said she was able to echo my refrain -- "I can't eat -- I'm way too excited." But I didn't hit every table, and I am sorry for that. I so wanted to thank everyone for coming. It was like putting on an enormous party and not being able to greet all the guests.

I vaguely recall my brother asking my husband how he had put up with me all these years -- maybe it had something to do with my coming into the reception when all were introduced doing my best Miss America impression???? Love my brother and my husband and am SO glad they put up with me!!

Mmm....what else would I do differently?

I wish my camera flash had worked better so that my pictures would have turned many of them were dark. This is why you hire a professional -- and I'm so glad we got the best! I can't wait to see what he has. We also had a wonderful videographer -- and I can't wait to see what he did as well. Rob, one of The Uncles, took a bunch of pics -- I'm hoping to pull everything together and make a nice pre/rehearsal/prewedding/wedding/reception/gift opening album for us all. Eventually. Maybe around Valentine's Day?

One of our special gifts was a framed pic of Torrey and Chris on the platform just as Rob was introducing them as Mr. & Mrs. (at 5:12 pm, not that anyone cares). Jim, our dear photographer friend (who was not THE photographer, but who is married to my nursing school/college roommate -- Marilou traded me in for HIM -- imagine that??) gave it to us at the reception -- he stopped off at home and got it done before dinner!! -- and then gave us a small album of pictures the next day. So we have some wonderful pictures. People at the hospital ask me about the wedding -- I'm like a new grandmother -- whip out the album -- thanks, Jim!! -- and they have to hear a blow by blow. But I'm getting more succinct. They are grateful, I'm sure.

The cake. Oh, the cake! First of all, it was amazingly delicious. I got part of the spice cake layer -- I had at least 4 bites of that. Oh, but it was good! [Side note: I have never, I don't think, had a really GOOD wedding cake. No more -- this one was IT!] Wish I had had more. Too excited, doncha know? I think the wedding dinner ought to be packaged up and saved for the day after the wedding. Who can eat and enjoy it? Offer a bunch of hors d'oeuvres and put everything else in styrofoam "to go" boxes at least for the bride & groom and the MOB. I think Bob ate. Anyway -- one of my BIG pet peeves is the whole "smashing" of the cake into the bride's/groom's face. I think it is sexist, hostile, and ugly. I've expressed my opinion on more than one occasion to the bride (and groom) to the point where Torrey would say, "Yes, I know how you feel." So -- not exactly sure what was going to happen, I approached the cake ceremony w/ a bit of trepidation.

Lovely cake cutting. Then Torrey took her piece, wound up, and zoomed in on Chris.

Then, very gently and lovingly, place a bit in his mouth. It was beautiful. Dear Amy and Dear Abby -- please take note. THIS cake ceremony -- as Chris did the same with Torrey, and then lovingly blotted her mouth with a napkin -- was one to bring tears to your eyes.

If you've read this far, God bless you. I'm still on a high (you might have noticed). There will be more. I'm contemplating whether or not I should write MY book -- which is what started all of this in the FIRST place!!


At 9:23 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Ah, yes...the cake smashing. Ever since being at a wedding where the chocolate cake ended up on the bride's bodice and she ended up in tears, I have not been a great fan of this.

At our wedding, we fed each other like civilized human beings. My husband wanted to do some cake smashing, but his mother had sewn my dress, and we both threatened him beforehand, so he wisely restrained himself.

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