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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Governments Strapped for Cash???

I sent my taxes to the appropriate places -- IL, IN, and the Feds -- on April 15. The feds cashed my two checks -- owed taxes for 2008 and estimated taxes for 2009 with alacrity. IN cashed my estimated tax check quickly as well.

It's been nearly a month and IN hasn't cashed my check covering my owed 2008 taxes. I mailed all the envelopes at the same time in the same mail box. LEC taxes AND our taxes. A total of 6 envelopes.

Did I not mail the IN taxes? Did they get stuck in the post box? Are they going to charge me exhorbitant interest for late taxes?

I e-mailed and within 5 hours got a response. "Wait three bank statements and write again if still not cashed. Don't send a replacement check at this time."

Um -- that is THREE months!!

Linda's husband Will actually called and talked to a real live person. Evidently their check hadn't been cashed either. (LEC is an Indiana-based company).

He was told.....

Are you sitting down????

"It will be another 6 weeks. We don't have anyone to open the envelopes."


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