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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Refrigerators and Ice Makers

The first time the ice maker quit functioning was 5 days after our year long warranty expired.

Of course.

A bit of history. The only ice makers we have ever had up until last year were square and made of plastic which you had to remember to fill periodically. We'd fill 'em, and when we would remember, we'd put the ice cubes in the egg tray we kept in the freezer for that purpose. We didn't have an automatic ice maker -- let alone one that opened on the door where you could get ice AND fill your glass with filtered water. Such an amazing thing!

But I digress. The refrigerator repairman showed up with the cheerful news that one should always have an extended warranty because ice makers were THE most common reason for service calls -- and they were likely to go out on a fairly regular basis.

This was not good news.

We got the new part that was needed, the ice maker was fixed, we paid for the service and decided we would opt for the extended warrantly -- yet another way for Sears to make more money.


Since then -- about 9 months ago, the ice maker has stopped working on average every three months. It happens only on Mondays when we are about to have our Life Group over and we need ice for the soda (also known as pop or Coke, depending upon where you hail from).

Now, of course, that we have paid for the extended warranty, I've figured out how to fix the problem.

My hair dryer.

Nothing like taking a hair dryer to the ice maker and shortly thereafter hearing the satisfying sound of ice cubes dropping into the appropriate receptacle.

I may be the last auto-ice-maker-owner on the planet that doesn't know this -- but for goodness sake, why isn't it written out in the troubleshooting portion of the booklet that comes with the refrigerator?

Oh yeah. Money. I forgot.

Silly me.

...Here's Tim fixing the icemaker...


At 8:33 AM, Blogger Jenn said...

LOL! We have that "in the door" ice storage thing too. It tends to freeze up at the output end in the summer (humidity getting into the unit I guess?).

Gotta "love" Sears. We keep going back to them for appliances because of their prices...but every time they mess up our order in some BIG way...

"So you are delivering the cooktop, the microwave/fume hood, and the refrigerator on 3 separate days? Seems silly to me, but if that is what you want to do..." (December 12)

(7 days later) "What do you mean that the oven I ordered is now out of stock so you canceled my order? What am I supposed to do for Christmas dinner?" Okay, so that was laying it on thick since I still had a fully functional kitchen next door to the new kitchen we were putting in...but hey, the person on the phone didn't know that. They ended up giving me the next year's model for the same price as the one I had initially ordered.

"What do you mean you couldn't find my subdivision? There are 150 houses in it (and still more being built), so it's not like it is hiding somewhere! We are going on vacation TOMORROW, and need that refridgerator put in our new house because we need to move all of our stuff out of our old house before we go on vacation--closing is the day before we were originally scheduled to come home from vacation." (one of our new neighbors had to camp out at our house one day while we were on vacation to accept delivery of the fridge)

At 7:40 AM, Blogger An Ami in Berlin said...

P.S. My dryer died two weeks after the extended warranty expired on December 27. Of course.


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