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Friday, July 14, 2006

The Woods in Montrose

Yes, we have friends -- the Woods -- in Montrose. In fact, a couple of their kids went to Taylor! However, I'm talking about the *real* woods. As children we roamed the woods on the lookout for snakes (shudder!!) and other wildlife. Our children built forts in the woods. There are wonderful "fences" built of flat stones piled carefully on top of one another. Our cabin overlooks some woods, and back behind the cabin are more woods. My mother had the foresight to snap up little bits of land that joined the cabin so that all in all, "Torrey Acres" has about 9 1/2 acres. My cousins own a couple of acres that we always referred to as "Sunset Slope" because that's what our granddaddy called it. There is a huge flat rock on Sunset Slope (can't see any sunset because the of the trees) where our families would often go to picnic. I had my 18th birthday there, complete with birthday watermelon.

Fort building many years ago with the then younger kids who are now all adults! (From left to right, Timo, Torrey, Helen Clare, Jill and Robbie).


At 9:15 PM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

Ahhh...what happy memories. Thanks for reminding us!! Next summer in Montrose?! :o)

At 12:47 AM, Blogger toad said...

Hi sister! I can finally respond so have stayed up till after midnight reading blogs! :( Your pictures are making me "homesick" for those long Montrose summers of forts, and walks to the library, ice cream suppers, and Mother's birthday celebrtions (but not for dishes and laundry!) I'll ditto Rob's "next summer in Montrose!"


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