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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thoughts on Videography....

We weren't going to have it. Videography, that is. I didn't have it (of course, I don't think it was invented back then....), and we didn't have it for Jill. It seemed to be just one more expense that we couldn't afford then, for sure, and didn't think we could afford this time.

But we bit the bullet -- and oh my!! Worth every penny, and then some (don't read this, Bob D...).

I didn't cry during the wedding itself -- calm, cool, collected, serene -- the epitome of MOB togetherness. But last night, when I watched the entire, yet to be edited, video through, I made up for my lack of tears in spades. There are so many things that you miss of the ceremony just because you are being the MOB and are busy thinking and doing other things. For example, Bob-the-V filmed people being escorted into the sanctuary -- "oh look! Tim is bringing Carlene in" (his first babysitter!). It was just fun watching people coming in from the front vantage point instead of the back....

Jill was Torrey's matron of honor.... she looked stunning in her red dress. How on earth did Bob and I get two such beautiful daughters -- and, I have to say it, such a handsome son??

Bob and I watched the part where Torrey's veil falls off a couple of times to see which one of us may have been the culprit. Truly, neither of us! It just sort of -- I don't know -- fell off, all on its own. Must have been the little man that wasn't there....

I loved watching the kiss again. One of the best wedding kisses I've ever seen.

When Rob and Tim came up the aisle after the attendants had done so, Rob looked straight at Bob-the-V and gave him the OK sign.

The video captured Torrey in her ice-princess cloak as they run through the narthex with streamers waving -- and then out to the car with the church bells pealing their joyous message that Torrey and Chris are now MARRIED! It was wonderful -- and a scene I completely missed as I was still inside.

I loved hearing the toasts again, and all the neat things people said to the MC that Bob-the-V captured on the video. I was able to watch the MCs first dance up close -- and then Torrey's dance with Bob -- the only time she (and he) cried. except for a couple of tears she shed during the duet during the ceremony. They danced to "Butterfly Kisses." So precious.

I think every married couple that has a video ought to be required to look at it again every anniversary -- it helps to see the young and enthusiastic, loving couple that was on the wedding day....not to mention reiterate the solemn vows made before God and man.

How I wish we had sprung for a video for Jill's wedding.

I would have hocked my first born child for it.

Oh. She IS my first born child.....

Thanks Bob, for a job beautifully done!


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