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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day, Travel, and True Love

A mere 17 years ago today I put out the little Valentine's gifts, cards and candy I had for Bob and the three children, covered it all with a red tablecloth, and left for Charlotte where I was to participate in my first-ever mid-winter board meeting for ILCA as president-elect.

That is, I intended to go to Charlotte. I got a limo to O'Hare where I met up with ILCA's treasurer and vice president -- and the three of us spent the night on concourse F, so snowbound we not only couldn't get out to Charlotte, we couldn't get back home.

Last night I thought I was going to spend the night in concourse A in the Charlotte airport...due to snow in Chicago.

What is it about Charlotte? The only time in my life I've ever been in a plane that is being de-iced is -- in Charlotte.

The worst, and most prolonged ice storm I've experienced? Charlotte.

I really am too old to be sleeping on the floor in any airport -- even one as nice as Charlotte's. I did spend some time checking it out though as all the hotels were full, Linda and Will had left for San Diego, and Bob (TheOtherBob) had driven down from Fort Wayne to pick up Carole and take her home so he wouldn't have to worry about her stranded in an airport. Fort Wayne was supposed to be harder hit than Chicago -- and from all reports I've gotten from the MC in Indy -- it was.

Three of my flights were canceled. I've discovered that either they will cancel them a day ahead of time for no particular reason, and rebook you -- or wait until the last moment. "Good luck" the ticket agent said when I checked in. "Chicago's a mess."

Gee thanks.

I consoled myself with a giant sized Mr. Goodbar (figured the protein in the peanuts would be good for me), and tried in vain to get on the free internet -- that is until I figured out if I sat by the windows it would work. And waited. And waited.

Such cheering went up when the gate agent told us that the plane had not only left the gate at O'Hare, but was no longer sitting on the tarmac -- and was actually in the air. However, she cautioned us, we'd have to wait until the plane actually arrived in Charlotte before a final decision would be made as to whether or not we would head back to Chicago.

We did -- at 10:20 pm, arriving 2 1/2 hours later to snow covered runways and a light snowfall.

And here's the true love part: My DB (dearly beloved) picked me up. I could have taken a limo home. But he came and got me.

Say all you want about chocolates and flowers and Valentine's day presents -- I got the best gift of all. Bob picked me up.

True Love In Action.

Oh -- there WAS a vase full of flowers waiting for me, along with Debbie's little pink heart cakes she has brought over for our family every year since we have lived here.

And tonight is "Turn out the Lights" night -- when all the rest of the Christmas lights come down on our block -- for us that means the candles in each of the windows.

The weather today is gorgeous -- about 8 to 10 inches of nearly pristine white snow, glittering under a brilliant sun and a clear blue sky.

And I'm home.

It doesn't get much better than this.


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