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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lack of Blogging

I've most likely written at least 15 or 20 blogs in my head since last posting. But they usually come upon me when I'm driving -- not an auspicious time to be blogging -- even if I could get on the internet while speeding along at 75 miles an hour on I-65.

So what has happened since our trip? My laptop expired. No warning signs -- died in my sleep. Woke up on Monday morning, January 15, turned it on and -- well, it didn't turn on. Deader than the proverbial doornail. Sony suggested I send it to San Diego where for $699 (payment in advance) they would install a new motherboard if that is what it needed. We decided to try Best Buy. One of the nice things about Bob's job with the state is that he gets odd days off -- this was one of them. Off to Best Buy where there is a "Geek Squad." They looked 'Baby V' over and told me essentially the same thing. Since I needed one the next Sunday, it was a given that we would need to get a new one. They convinced us that since we wanted a new desktop shortly anyway, why not get two and get a *deal*!

I am the proud (?) owner of two new computers -- a Toshiba and an HP. Neither of which are yet working up to my specifications.

Bob's printer died yesterday -- he overworks the poor thing, and it was time. So we bought a new one this morning -- which refuses to be installed...."no printer driver found." I downloaded the right one from It merely sneered at me -- "no printer driver found." I think we'll take it back.

I've been to Indiana -- actually was there the day after both the Bears and the Colts won their rights to the Superbowl. See Torrey's blog to see how this is playing out at THEIR house!! ( Spoke at the hospital where Christopher was born, and the next day at the hospital where both his mom and dad were born. Now THAT is cool!

Then got to spend the night at my favorite Ray of Sunshine Motel where we went to PF Changs for dinner and watched the last half of American Idol. Do those folks really think they can SING?

Finally went to see Dorothy for my rather belated due-in-September checkup....the woman's version of "turn your head and cough." She was pleased with all the lab results that came back meaning that the Doritos and chips I've been consuming with aplomb don't seem to have affected my cholesterol -- too much. I have started on my version of the South Beach plan....we'll see what happens with that.

She was NOT pleased with my -- um -- lack of exercise. I didn't share with her that my 2007 resolution was to exercise less than I did in 2006. And I fully intend to keep it. Nor was she happy w/ my weight. Hence the South Beach. In two carb-less weeks, however, I've only lost 7 1/2 pounds. Oh to be younger when Atkins just dropped the pounds off of me as though there was no tomorrow.

Two of our Life Group families had grandbabygirls this past week. Neither of the babies live in IL.

Tim comes home from candidate school in Arizona tonight. I'm excited to see him to find out what the final word is from The Company, and if he is truly heading to North Africa sometime this year.

The new screen for the desktop is lovely -- even though spell check doesn't work on Word Perfect and no one can seem to fix it for me, including uninstalling the entire thing and reinstalling the entire thing.


Hmmm....I think it is time for my South Beach apple.


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