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Sunday, June 18, 2006

On Visiting the MC

It was a good week. Carole and I did our last Certification Cram Course for the year in Bloomington IN. The group was delightful -- and we found the food in Bloomington to be VERY good. I recommend the Malibu Grill if you happen to be in the neighborhood. We're ready to go back any time!

But the best part of the cram course was driving up to Indy to spend Thursday afternoon and evening with the MC. The Dumpling is as Dumplingish as ever. Very cute and cozy. The kitties are friendlier. The leaking hot tub is gone, and in its place is a fire pit. Over to one side of the deck is the hammock we gave Chris for his birthday. A fabulous piece of Murano glass from Venice -- a gift from hair stylist Gary adorns the bookcase in the entryway. Other than that, it looks much as it did when we were there over Tim's graduation.

Watching the MC interact is a joy. They treat each other with gentleness, respect, and consideration. Please and thank you, and would you mind....Lots of humor... While the first year of marriage is supposed to be the hardest, it looks as though this MC has discovered some basics of compatible dailiness of living. Good for them -- and may the second six months be even better than the first!!

We ran up to Costco and bought steaks for dinner which we had along with grilled asparagus. Chris is a WONDERFUL cook! I was going to pay for everything but discovered that (a) you either have to have your checkbook or (b) remember your pin number for your debit card. I didn't have (a) and couldn't remember (b). That is to say it wasn't the number I thought it was. So we had to limit our purchases to the cash that Torrey had as Chris didn't have his wallet, and I was down to a tidy sum of $10.38.

That WAS enough cash though for me to treat us all to absolutely delicious ice cream cones at Handels after dinner however. I can definitely recommend the Snappy Turtle.

In the morning I was able to watch what Torrey refers to as their "kitchen dance" as both make their lunches and prepare for the workday.

It was an easy trip home -- not much traffic, even on 80/94 and I294 -- made even easier by reflecting on how very happy I am to be able to share even a few hours with my dear MC.


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