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Thursday, January 08, 2009

On Our Way!

We are here on the Brilliance of the Sea, chugging our way to Athens, having spent yesterday touring Palmero, Sicily. We spent a couple of days in Barcelona first...amazingly, we all met up with each other – Carole and Bob who made it without incident, Linda and Will who were rerouted to Zurich, and, true to form, lost their luggage in the process; Tim, who came via Alitalia and Rome, and us.

Barcelona is now definitely one of my all time favorite cities. It is absolutely beautiful! We were in a little hotel in the middle of the city, one block from Barcelona’s Mag Mile. We were also just a couple of blocks from Las Ramblas – a great street to walk down late at night when all the activity is going on. It was cool – coats definitely needed, but great walking weather. Our little hotel had only 18 rooms, and a 24/7 buffet where we could get anything we wanted to eat or snack on. We ate dinner out – tapas one night and paella the other. Tapas were great – paella not so much. Bummer.

Monday the 5th, we get on the ship. It’s lovely, but the internet leaves a little bit to be desired. If you don’t have a modem in your computer, or you use a Mac – well, you are out of luck being able to do internet in your room. Only Carole has a computer that is old enough to have a modem....

But it is wonderful anyway. So far, a day at sea, a tour of Palmero, and now our second day at sea.

Already my pants are getting a bit tighter....

We are off to the pool. More anon!


At 7:21 PM, Blogger RCO said...

How nice to read this blog from you. We are so happy for you, Bobby and Tim and not a little bit jealous. Be ready for a shock when you return home. I hear that the Chicago area has been bombarded with snow and cold. Love ya know who! :o)


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